Saturday, December 18, 2010

Digging out in Time for Christmas

I have been rather preoccupied of late, as many of you know, by term papers. I finally finished them and I'm looking forward to finishing school altogether. I have another set of exams and some misc. reading and lecture questions to do to finish the fall semester's classes. I also have two history courses coming in the mail any day now and I'm hoping to get through them as quickly as possible. Other than that, I have one more course to do which I'll hopefully be taking along with the rest of the students at Heritage. We need to work out some things, but they assure me that they can make it work, so that I can graduate in April! I am so excited about the prospect of graduating in the spring with the rest of my class.

On a more holiday-related note, we did eventually get out and get a Christmas tree. We took our nephews out to a tree farm and they 'helped' 'us' to pick a tree. (by 'us' I really mean me) I decided that I didn't want a full sized tree this year and I didn't want to go all out as far as decorations. Moderation is the theme this year; a fact that was very satisfactory for my hubby. I did 'convince' him to watch a Christmas movie with me while 'we' decorated. (Michael put the lights on the tree) We even had peppermint hot chocolate and cookies to go with it. It was as festive as it was going to get and that was ok with both of us. We are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas living out west, except for the fact that we aren't going to be able to make it back to Ontario until the spring. I'm ok with that for now, but we'll see how it goes as the holidays come and go on the first Christmas away from my family in my entire life. Thankfully we get to spend time this year with my uncle and aunt and cousins out here and we plan on skyping home sometime in the afternoon on Christmas day. I think that it's going to be a holiday that comes and goes and we'll look back at afterward and think, "That was...strange." We'll see. For now, however, we're plugging along, having fun at our new church and enjoying more 'firsts'.