Friday, July 15, 2011

Ok, so I'm a lousy blogger...

but truth be told, I warned you!

I did say back in the spring that when school was done that I would be spending more time at it - it turns out I was wrong. I think that once school was done my brain went on vacation  and is still not in the office on a regular basis. Oh well - I can blame it on the baby for now.


Speaking of which it seems at times like this pregnancy has zoomed by and at others like it's just chugging along in second gear. Everything seems to be going along right on schedule without any complications or worries, so we're happy about that. This little one is getting big enough now that there's more shifting and wiggling going on than kicking and flipping. It's something that I have found to be an amazing experience. There really have been very few times that have been uncomfortable in that deptartment - no feet in my ribs or waking me up at night - that sort of thing. It's just been something I've been able to enjoy and cherish. It's amazing to see and feel little feet moving across the top of my belly, or the whole thing shift back and forth!

At this point I have five weeks left until my due date, but we'll see when this little one feels like checking out. We're pretty excited to welcome this newcomer into our family, but there's still quite a bit of work to do before this place is really ready for a baby. Nesting will go into high gear in a week when I'm done work. My mom will be coming out from Ontario about three weeks later which will be lovely. I've been trying and will continue to reorganize and make more space in this suite of ours. Trying to find things to add that actually make more space and get rid of things that eat it up. It's not an easy task, but somehow still more fun than cooking at the moment for some reason. Meh, we eat, so I guess it's not that big of a deal.

Michael is excited and shows it in his own way by trying out the gear that we have to make sure that everything will work alright. He figured that this bag of oatmeal that makes a nice weight to try out the carrier. The funny thing is that when I flipped down the front flap the Quaker guy's face peeked out right about where the baby's would - it was a little creepy and more than a little funny.