Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday Frenzy

A bit of an update is in order as some of my friends have reminded me. I have started a new part-time job in place of working at Subway, which was short-lived. I am currently working at House of James, the Christian bookstore in Abbotsford, BC. The store has a coffee shop and I work there about fifteen hours per week. It's a pretty good job; the girls that I work with are super and it's a great environment. And, yes, for all those who know my bald bookworm, he's very excited that I get a staff discount.
As for the other major time and energy investment in my life, I am finishing up my degree via distance education this year. I am currently taking three courses and will be taking my last three courses next semester, so that I can graduate in April with my class. I am very excited at this prospect and hope that everything goes along as planned. As much as I love school, I'm looking forward to having it completed and having a degree to hang on my wall. I'm also looking forward to having the time to put my education into practice, which is the goal I would think. But for now, I plug away at my papers, readings, lectures and exams. I miss the folks at Heritage and wish that I could just pop in now and then; I also miss 'my' little room in the library where I could hole away when I needed a higher level of focus. Needing that space, I carved out a little room at home where I can study and write my papers. I'm thankful for where God's led us and I'm looking forward to the road ahead.


  1. So I realized when I posted this, I forgot to change the title which was more appropriate yesterday when I started writing it. Oh well.

  2. HAHA!!! I'm sooo excited for you to have a degree! You're sooo close! I'm sooo stinkin proud of you!